iBeacons for ParkRE

Parkre iBeaconIntroducing iBeacons for ParkRE®

Create more advertising power for your listings

We at ParkRE® are happy to introduce you to the new iBeacon technology that is easily used in tandem with the ParkRE® app.

Sellers can now easily get their home in view of buyers looking for residence with off-street parking.

The process of discovering an urban property with off-street parking has been simplified with ParkRE’s new iBeacon technology.  Through the use of iBeacons placed in the lock boxes of listed homes, potential buyers will receive location-based notifications about the available listings. When a buyer is in close proximity of an iBeacon property, the ParkRE® application sends the buyer push notifications with the property’s information. Buyers can also connect with the homeowner’s Realtor directly through the ParkRE® app.

Benefits of iBeacon for sellers:

  • A Yellow ParkRE® pin, in map-view, identifies an iBeacon home as a promoted listing
  • An iBeacon home, in list-view, is showcased with top level ranking
  • iBeacon homes will also be published in ParkRE®’s featured-listings newsletter which is hand-tailored to reach 10,000+ potential home buyers in a targeted neighborhood


iBeacon hardware
single unit $99
MLS setup fee $50